Stamping in the Rain

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Convention fun!

Here are some more pictures of my first day at Convention.

 This is what we saw when we first entered the main office at Riverton.  We then got in line to tour the Stampin' Up Museum.
 Here are what the metal plates look like when they make the mold for the rubber!
 Some home decor made from dies, punches and Stampin' Up cardstock!
 A display that I think I've seen in the catalog!
 More home decor in Stampin' Up colors and mega versions of some stamps.
 The warehouse!  It was really huge and the conveyer belts were all busy working while we were there!
 Some of the pretty designs we saw as we walked through the offices.
 Thanksgiving ideas!
Here are the MDS photo albums.  It was nice to get to look through them.  They are very high quality, nice thick paper and solid covers.  I also got to see the swatch books.  Very neat!

I will post more pictures from Riverton later.  Next, I will post some pictures from Opening Session.

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