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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet Pressed Cookies!

These are my Valentine cookies.  Sorry they are late in being posted, but I had to show you how cute they turned out.  And they were delicious, too!  I used the shortbread recipe in the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps box and my whole family was surprised at how good they tasted.  We shared these at my daughter's Valentine's party at her American Heritage Girl's meeting.  They were a hit!
I just got the new 'Occasions' set for Spring, they include Easter (a bunny), Spring (a flower), and St. Patrick's Day (a clover).  This 'Holidays' set that I used here included the Valentine's heart, a snowflake for winter and an adorable pumpkin for Halloween.

Making these was easier than I thought it would be.  I formed a largish ball of dough, then just pressed down with the cookie press.  The large wooden handle made it very easy.  Then I added some colored sugar crystals just for fun.  I've seen the pumpkins done in orange sugar and they look so cute.

I see it's almost time for me to make my St. Patrick's Day cookies...I'd better look for some green sprinkles!

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